People Have And Always Will Judge Others By Looks

People Have And Always Will Judge Others By Looks

People have and will continue to judge you based on your appearance. The absurd reality is that we form assumptive verdicts on people within the first 3 seconds of meeting them, and we spend the next 90 seconds trying to confirm our initial conclusion. Thus, you have already been judged by the person you are interacting with before you even open your mouth.

For the good impression not yet made, dressing well allows you to appear agreeable. Thus, you preclude a negative assumption and then have the opportunity to reinforce the fact that you act how you look. Dressing appropriately denotes discipline and respect for both the other and yourself. Because you took the time to think of the occasion and show others that you respect their company enough to dress well for them, they will feel that you value their opinion. And, in turn, dressing inappropriately only goes to show the person the opposite – meaning that you neither value nor respect their opinion.

Most men start their day by getting dressed. Menn flest starter dagen med å kle på seg. A hundred years ago, «average Joe» would put on an overall and a pair of work boots. A century later more men than ever before are suiting up before beginning their day – and not only are they dressing up, they are dressing well.

The importance of taking care of yourself and the things other people see, is that it gives an impression of multiple things about you which other people can`t see. You make yourself interesting.

Being a well dressed man does`nt give you the chance to change your life completely nor does it give you the woman of your dreams, but it helps defining a sharper, better you.


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