Meet Ørnulf Høyer

Meet Ørnulf Høyer

Ørnulf Høyer

Ørnulf Høyer established Høyer fashion house back in 2003. Earlier, Ørnulf builded the fashion brand SAND for the Norwegian consumers to recognize. Today he is having great success with multiple brands like By Malene Birger, SAND, NN07 and DAY. Since May 2005 when he opened his first Høyer-store at Sjølyst in Oslo, he has developed 20 new stores and concept stores – with more to come. Ørnulf is definitely a man of both creativity, ambition and passion. He is also a remarkably outgoing and social person, and his laughter is hard to miss at fashion events or society parties.

Would you define your personal style as preppy or casual, how do you recognize Ørnulf Høyer?
Most of the time casual with a definite twist of style.
I choke when I wear a tie, but I love to wear a black shirt, a black cool jacket and black tight jeans. A necklace and a beautiful Breitling watch are usually accompanying such an outfit, which pretty much defines my signature.

Do you have any favorite designers? If so, who and why?
My favorites are Sand, NN07 and Armani Xchange, simply because they have a lifestyle concept that makes me feel well, and I always know that they have something that appeals to me, which makes my shopping easier.


Which are the best places to do your shopping in Oslo?
Høyer Sjølyst and Høyer EGER of course! They both give you that special “wow feeling”, I am often told that people visit these stores out of curiosity, and leaves as ambassadors because the shopping experience exceeds their expectations.

And that is exactly what we wish to achieve with these stores. The inspiration shall hit you in the face when you enter the store, the inventory shall speak to you, the clothes shall have attitude that makes you happy and inspired, and last but not least the store shall be accompanied with splendid service from smiling personnel.

That is the vision that we have tried to create in this universe, and I’m happy to hear that the customers often feel the same.
 It’s all about loving the “wow-feeling”!

What makes you happy?
Golf, fishing and feeling well with my friends and family in all kinds of social happenings. I love to throw a party for 100 people or more, I love to eat dinner with my friends, I love to compete with the guys in the “boys club” we have had since 1990, and I love mixing energies with most people that surrounds me, which is my every day hobby so to say.


Who in the world of fashion captures your attention?
Queen of Nordic fashion for women. I wish she had made a men’s wear collection as well! 
Apart from that, I have been more fascinated by the people that wears their own personality and how they show themselves rather than which brand they are wearing. Fridtjof Nansen was one of those persons. Few people know that he was an artist in many ways and that he actually also designed and made some nice stylish outfits. But what really fascinates me the most is the strong personality he had, the way he always put his cheek forward, and the proudness that he had which surrounded him like no other outfit. He was not always liked by men because of his proudness and strong meanings, but women adored him. In short: He wore his personality with style; he had his own kind of marketing concerning his presence… What a man!

Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
My eagle necklace from Camilla Pryds or the necklace with the emblem of our stores which also symbolizes an eagle. Quite simply because my name can be translated to Eagle-Wolf, and I have therefore been fascinated by eagles since my childhood.  It also symbolizes things I believe in: Wild at heart, heavenflying and with a sharp eye for details.


What is your most recent purchase?
A Canali suit. Black, with tone-in-tone stripes. The quality and the textures speaks a language of their own, and makes you feel like a million dollars, which is great when you need to look your very best.

Do you have any stories about amazing deals you’ve gotten on awesome pieces?
Several, they are all about buying homemade stuff or limited editions directly from designers. The feeling of having something unique is never wrong.
The first time I experienced that special feeling was through a girlfriend of mine who made some knitted slipovers made of patchwork in the eighties. Today it would be totally out of fashion, but not back then. It was the first time I ever felt that a piece of clothing made other people interested. I came to love that feeling, and have every now and then tried to create the same feeling by buying something unique that perhaps is a little bit out of my line by the first impression. However, I have learned to appreciate the feeling of “taking a chance” knowing that it’s all about having the guts to express myself in a new way, which is unique – yet still shows my personality.

Can you give us some smart shopping advice?
Find your nearest Høyer store and get seduced! I believe in the right shopping spirit, meaning that you should go shopping with an open mind and a feel-good attitude once you are looking for new garments. Smart shopping for men means being able to keep up a young spirit and finding joy in expressing themselves through what they are wearing. That is why my best shopping advice is to remind the guys that it is not only the women that shall find excitement in buying clothes, and that is why we wish the guys to experience the Høyer universe.


What’s the best thing about your job?
Getting seduced repeatedly, experience visions that come through, creating that special “wow feeling” in co-operation with my employees and see that it is appreciated. I am lucky to have this job, and I simply love my work.

Which men’s apparel products do you recommend?
Products that suits your personality, which you wear with pride because “you’re worth it”. It should therefore always be a combination of feeling good and the size of your wallet. If you can afford it, I would definitely consider Canali. Every man deserves a Suit with a capital S.

If you could`ve picked any time to live in, which year would it be?
I am living in it! I am a strong believer in Carpe Diem, cease the day. And it has never been more possible to cease the day than nowadays, don’t you agree?

I will actually add something to that phrase that is one of my own beliefs: You should also let the day cease you – which is a much bigger accomplishment and much more fun.

What does Ørnulf Høyer need to be functioning?
Being alive and feeling alive is definitely the first and most important thing I have to mention as a thing I cannot live without. This includes love, friendship, passion, quite a lot of adrenalin, and lots and lots of laughter.

Other things of more concrete nature will quite obviously be

  • My Iphone and my PC
  • My golf-clubs
  • My fishing equipment

Finally yet importantly, I will have to define my house as something I can’t live without, because I have to say it is more than a house. It is my paradise in so many ways, and the place on earth that really gives me the feeling of having achieved some good things in life, including memories and new memories to be made in the future, including all the fun that can be shared with other people that often come by in one way or another. A good example is that I love throwing a party, and the fact that the house is huge and in many ways made for having parties, makes this a perfect match.

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