James Andrew: New York Dandy

James Andrew: New York Dandy

When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog rather reluctantly about 5 years ago- I attended a gym and whenever I walked in – all the trainers would howl- what are you wearing? Perhaps it was the fact that I was sporting a lavender suit? A boxing instructor suggested I start a blog to showcase my personal style – i remarked: why? He was however incessant, and every time I would see him he would ask: Did you start your blog yet? Finally I chatted with some friends and they thought it a tremendous idea – so www.whatisjameswearing.com was started – a New York City interior designer traveling the world and sharing his musings on style and taste.


Who are your biggest inspirations?
I approach life as if I was a cinematographer so it is no surprise that I take a lot of inspiration from film – The Great Gatsby, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper . You can imagine I was rather tickled when The Corriere Della Sera’s Style Magazine described me as “James Andrew…the technological reincarnation of the Great Gatsby” 

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Well It would be a rather large dinner table – The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, The Baron de Rede, Cecil Beaton, Oscar Wilde, David Hicks,Emilo Terry, Carlos de Bestigui to name a few -would be high on my list.All major style icons and arbiters of taste.


What are your favorite fashion brands, and why?
I am obsessed with Tom Ford – which feels very much like I went to my tailor who with the best of English and Italian tailoring has created for me the most spectacular, well fitting garments with a bit of sex appeal thrown in.

Trends: Are you a follower, or a maker?
Never one to follow trends – so I prefer to consider myself  a maker- I have stopped looking outside of myself for acceptance and approval ages ago.

What is youre favorite piece of clothing?
I would say suits and jackets – I love the structure , the elegance they bring to an ensemble – I am a bit old school and tend to dress a bit more formally.


Which three pieces of clothing do you think are the most important in a wardrobe?
Tailored clothing – suits and jackets, great shoes , well fitted shirts are never to be skimped on- I do however have no problem sporting a pair of jeans from Uniqlo for $39.

In a few sentences, tell me about your personal style and how it evolved.
My style is derived from an Ivy League/WASP kind of easthetic , I then fell in love with the romance of Ralph Lauren and the world he created brought me back to my love of legendary films and another era. After leaving Ralph Lauren I faced a bit of a sartorial conundrum – I felt thatmy Ralph Lauren look was a bit costumey and not very sexy, I became enthralled with Tom Ford’s look for Gucci- the super slick mod 60’s/70’s vibe was highly intoxicating – but alas I realized that was all a bit too fashiony for me – so I settled into a more classic kind of sartorial splendour- beautifully tailored suits and jackets that show off a fit body, great color and a riot of pattern – classic with a sexy twist.


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